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Dawn V. Cahill is honored to be recognized as a finalist in the 2015 First Impressions Contest for her novel Sapphire Secrets


Author Dawn V. Cahill pens “Stories of Victorious Faith for the 21st Century,” nearly always with a crossword puzzle, sudoku, or dark chocolate nearby. “The characters in my stories face situations that would have been unthinkable even 20 years ago. We live in a vastly different world than our parents did, and that’s the world I write about.”

Seeing an unfilled niche in the Christian fiction market, Ms Cahill created Hot Topic Fiction at an intensive four-day writers conference. HTF isn’t afraid to explore the question, how does God want us to live out our faith in this not-so-brave new world? Without insulting the reader by offering pat or easy answers–because there aren’t any–HTF tells stories of ordinary Christians following hard after Christ in an upside-down world.

Ms. Cahill also blogs about puppies, substance abuse, and single parenting…sometimes all in the same day. She’s going to finish that novel she started at age 11 called Mitch and the Martians…someday. She has written several newspaper articles, three Christian contemporary novels, and more limericks than she can count. Email her at dawn@dawnvcahill.com, or find her on Facebook. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).

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  1. Celebrating 25 years of marriage, visited my Son, Samuel Warner in Bellevue. A great hearted man. Thank the Lord.


  2. Dawn V. Cahill | Reply

    You are blessed!


  3. Dawn, thank you for following my blog. I like your blog site. It’s very nice. Love what I’ve read so far. If you have a chance, check out my archives. I write a lot of Christian spirituality posts. I teach Bible study at the local county jail, which brings me much joy. God bless. Talk to you soon.

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  4. Often its a pain in the ass to read what blog owners wrote but this site
    is really incredible and I actually treasure your good article, Great post.


  5. Justina Wilson | Reply

    I am new to your blog. Love the lay out and will read more later. Looking forward to Making A New to Me Author into one I read often! Thanks!


  6. […] let me tell you a little about my books. My “brand” is Hot Topic Fiction. As my website describes it, the characters in my stories face situations that would have been […]


  7. […] mystery series, Seattle Trilogy) is available now. She’s giving away a copy of her ebook novella, When Lyric Met Limerick, to one random commenter on her […]


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