My A’s to your Q’s- and other juicy tidbits.

The issue of gay marriage carries so much passion with it, someone was bound to write a novel about it. So I did! See My Books/Paint the Storm.


Hidy Ho new recruits!

I am so honored to see so many new handles here at asktheBigot! I suspect many of you found your way here via the article I was privileged to pen for Public Discourse.  Honestly, I was so overwhelmed and humbled by the response to that piece. And I am amazed that a post stating a child has a right to be known and loved by both her mother and father would gain such attention. It’s fundamental, and even obvious. And something which anyone, in fact everyone, should recognize and become an advocate for. And yet the idea that a child should not be casually separated from his natural parent(s) just because another adult wants in on parenthood, is a radical concept in some circles.  Whether you are here because that article enraged you or because it was the fresh air you have been holding your breath for…

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