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Introducing Moonstone Secrets – sequel to Sapphire Secrets

Dear readers,

You asked, and I’ve delivered! The sequel to Sapphire Secrets is almost ready to go to press! I will be sending it to my editor this week for final edits, and soon I should have a new cover to reveal! I expect another month will elapse by the time the book is all laid out and ready for publication.

Curious as to what it’s about? Read all about it here. But I can give you a hint. It’s a murder mystery; and a spooky, deserted log cabin, much like this one, figures prominently.


Stay tuned for further updates.



Cover reveal!

With the release of Sapphire Secrets in paperback just days away, I wanted to give you all a sneak peek of the full cover…front, back, and spine.

Best of all, one of you could win your own copy. Just leave a comment below–even one word will do–and I’ll draw a winner from the commenters.

Best of luck!


PS – For those of you who asked, the drawing will happen on Sunday, April 10.

Cover photo



Another giveaway!



Have you been wanting to read my debut novel,Sapphire Secrets, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet? Here’s your chance to win a free copy! Just click on the link ~


Sapphire Secrets Review

I’m pleased to share this very nice review from a fellow blogger. Irresistible teasers ahead, plus a chance to win a copy of Sapphire Secrets….

Rachel Scott McDaniel


Want to read intrigue with a dance? I did, and it was fabulous. Let me tell you all that Sapphire Secrets delivers. First, here’s a brief description.
Livy McCreary has life at her command, enjoying the satisfaction of a blossoming dance studio which she teaches with her twin sister, and savoring a budding romance with hunky Will. Yet, there was a missing piece to her happiness—the mystery behind her mother’s death? Yes, it was twenty years ago. Yes, her family told her there was no foul play, but something in Livy’s gut wouldn’t let it be settled. What about the trauma she experienced and her twin sister didn’t? Weren’t twins supposed to react the same? Did she see something that her mind’s eye wants to remain blinded to? If only she could remember.
Her zeal for truth overtakes her, digging up memories her family wished to remain buried, questioning those…

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Twinepathy (Part 1): The Beginning

Since we’re on the subject of twins…I enjoyed this post about another set of twins, with an unusual superpower….read on.


The World Of The Writer

Hullo, everyone! Here’s that surprise I mentioned yesterday. It’s been over a month since the end of Avengers’ Isle, which was a ton of fun, and it seemed like all of you enjoyed it, too. Rather than start a sequel (which I was tempted to do after watching Age of Ultron), I decided to take a story I was planning and turn it into a serial story for your enjoyment. I present to you part one of Twinepathy. Enjoy, my dear friends! If you like it, share!

Hello, my name is Albany, and I have a telepathic connection with my twin sister, along with the ability to read minds.

Well, that may not be the best start, but I’m pretty proud of it. It makes this sound like it’s going to be an awesome story. Which it is. But the beginning… well… I promise it’ll get more exciting than…

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Meet the twins from Sapphire Secrets



Two amazing young women are visiting us today.  Please help me welcome identical twins Livy and DeeDee McCreary, singers and dancers extraordinaire, who star in my new novel, Sapphire Secrets.

Dawn V. Cahill: Livy, since this is your story, why don’t we start with you? Tell us why you want to share your story with the world.

Livy: Picture this–a spooky graveyard at midnight. Howling wind. And a strange old man who tells me to seek the truth about my mother’s death. Wouldn’t you be curious, too?

DVC: Indeed I would.

Livy: Sapphire Secrets is basically my testimony. And what an incredible journey. Not only did I find out the truth about my mother’s death, I also found God. Now, I just want the world to know that God loves them. So many people have never experienced His love. They don’t know what it’s like when God grabs ahold of you and pulls you into His arms – so unlike anything you’ll ever experience.

DVC: But you weren’t raised to believe in God. What made you change your mind?

Livy: I met someone who wasn’t afraid to share Christ with me. At first, I was resistant. Our parents and grandma raised us to be suspicious of organized religion. But then, one day everything changed. I had an accident and…

DVC: Spoiler alert!

Livy: Whoops. Anyway, as a result, I might never dance again. But without the accident, I might not have found God.

DVC: DeeDee, what do you think about Livy’s conversion?

DeeDee: She’s always spouting religious mumbo-jumbo. Not my thing. But ask me anything about dance. I can get into that.

DVC: Okay, dance it is. One of my readers wants to know, were all those dance lessons growing up a pleasure, or a chore?

DeeDee: I won’t lie and say they were a piece of cake. Dance lessons are grueling. If I hadn’t had Livy to learn and practice with, I’m sure I would have given up a long time ago. But now, I marvel at what my body can do. I’m pumped that we get to pay it forward by teaching other little girls the beauty of dance.

Livy: Our mom’s passion for dance rubbed off on us. I couldn’t have quit if you paid me. The downside of dance for me was the memorization. Not only the choreography, but all the French terminology. Like pas de bourres and ronde jambs

DeeDee: The competitions…

Livy: Outgrowing our favorite leotards…

DeeDee: Hardly ever any boys in class to tease or flirt with.

DVC: How times change! A couple of single fathers brought their daughters into your studio for lessons.

Livy [giggling]: Don’t forget to mention how cute they were.

DVC: And now you’re dating one of them, aren’t you?

Livy: Spoiler alert!

DVC: My lips are sealed. Let’s let the readers find out for themselves, shall we?

DeeDee: Don’t forget to tell them about your prequel, When Lyric Met Limerick, a short story about a fateful meeting…the day our amazing and talented parents met.

DVC: Readers, just click on my Amazon author page to find both books: http://www.amazon.com/Dawn-V.-Cahill/e/B00QPRC2EY/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

Check my webpage, dawnvcahill.com, for future giveaways and updates on Livy and DeeDee’s continuing saga. And thank you, ladies, for letting my readers get to know you  today.

Livy and DeeDee [in unison]: So long, lovely readers.

DeeDee: Peeps, you have to come back for Book 2, because this crazy author is going to put me through an even worse ordeal than Livy’s. I have no clue how I’m going to get out of this mess…

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Act fast! There’s still time to enter my giveaway – a free Kindle copy of Sapphire Secrets, the story of identical twins, a tragic death, a hidden secret, and much more. All you have to do is leave a comment. And tell your reader friends to drop by also. I’ll choose a winner by the end of the week.

Read more about Livy and DeeDee’s story here.


Puppy Love Part II – Who is Murf?

cute puppy

“A cute furball with eyes,” is how Livy describes her new puppy, Murf.

If MURF were an acronym, what would it stand for? Give me your best shot in the comments. To start off, here’s my best shot:

My  U   R   Fluffy!

And now, time for excerpt #3 from Sapphire Secrets, when the reader meets Murf for the first time:

The last class of the day had ended. The half-light of dusk slowly faded outside Saffire’s office window. Livy, munching a sandwich, peered at the crate next to her where her new puppy curled up like a snowball. His whiffling snores assured her he was fast asleep. Her heart swelled.

“I can’t believe how many parents don’t stay and watch their kids’ classes,” DeeDee huffed. “They must think we’re a babysitting service.”

“One hundred bucks a month is a pretty expensive babysitter,” Livy replied, still eyeing the crate. She swung her soft-shoed feet to the top of the desk. “But Will isn’t like that. I can tell he’s engaged in what’s going on with Amity.”

“When it comes to dads, he’s one of the good ones.”

“Speaking of Will—” Livy paused for dramatic effect. “He and Roxanne finally split up.”

“The source of that goofy grin on your face.”

“No, the goofy grin is due to cute little Murf. Not Will.”

“Yeah, right.”

“But Will’s cute too, isn’t he?”

DeeDee fixed her with a knowing smile and bit into her own sandwich.

“Then again, so is Kinzie and Lacie’s dad,” said Livy. “Maybe if you give him a little encouragement, he’d ask you out.”

“Scott ‘Mr. Hotness’ Lorenzo?”

“He is the epitome of hot. He’s got a quiet intensity about him like he’s pondering how to solve the world’s problems.” Livy snickered. “And a cute Southern accent.”

“He seems a little uptight.” DeeDee tossed her sandwich wrapper in the recycling bin.

“I read his vibe as intense.” Livy wiped her fingers. “Not uptight.”


“Anyway, keep your paws off Will.” Livy kept her tone light but firm. “I’ve got dibs.”

A plaintive whimper drifted toward her. The six-week-old puppy had awakened and was sniffing around for food.

“Ah, Murf.” She stepped to the crate and picked up the fluffy white bundle, snuggling him next to her cheek. She’d bought the tiny Samoyed from a breeder last week, and soon he would be ready to stay home alone. Until then, he’d scarcely left her side.

She kissed his soft head, nestled him back in his crate, and then refilled his food bowl. Between bites, the pup yelped in the same manner he did when DeeDee’s big yellow tabby took a swipe at him, as she so often did at home. Livy stroked his back with her finger. “Don’t cry, baby boy. Miss Piggy isn’t here. I know you hate her killer paws, but on the inside she’s a very sweet kitty.”

Murf searched her face with opaque black eyes, clearly unconvinced.

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