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The Seattle Trilogy series is my suspense/mystery series. Except for the prequel, they feature identical twins Livy and DeeDee using their ingenuity to solve mysterious deaths/unsolved crimes/attempted murders. Threads of romance add spice!

When Lyric Met Limerick – SEATTLE TRILOGY – Prequel released Oct 7, 2015

Sapphire Secrets – SEATTLE TRILOGY, Book 1 of 3 – released Jan. 14, 2016

Moonstone SecretsSEATTLE TRILOGY, Book 2 of 3 – release date – April 25, 2017

Emerald Secrets – SEATTLE TRILOGY, Book 3 of 3 – release date – February 8, 2020

This series, Golden Gate Trilogy, is my Hot Topic fiction series (featuring modern-day, controversial issues that didn’t exist 30 years ago). If you prefer your stories gritty, not pretty, these are for you.
Book 1, Paint the Storm, centers on same-sex marriage.
Book 2, Paint the Desert, features a school shooting.
Book 3, Paint the Sunset, focuses on the opioid/homeless crisis that has exploded in recent years.

Paint the Storm – GOLDEN STATE TRILOGY, Book 1 of 3 – release date Oct 10, 2016

Paint the Desert – GOLDEN STATE TRILOGY, Book 2 of 3 – release date July 19, 2018

Paint the Sunset – GOLDEN STATE TRILOGY, Book 3 of 3 – release date May 19, 2023


If you are interested in reserving a copy of any of my books, just fill in your name in the comments section. Check back for details on publication and some important links!

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  1. […] Yes – “Prodigal Road,” the sequel to “Sapphire Secrets.” Plus, book two in the series Hot Topic Fiction is currently under construction. Here’s a link with details on all my books: […]


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  5. […] thirty years ago. I write for readers who prefer their stories gritty, not pretty. (Click on My Books on to learn […]


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