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New reviews!


Books I and II in my Seattle Trilogy have a new review posted on Daysong Reflections. Read them both here and here.

Sapphire Secrets: A Christian contemporary novel (Seattle Trilogy Book 1) by Dawn V. Cahill

A very nice review of Sapphire Secrets by Dixiegran!


Sapphire Secrets, by Dawn V. Cahill, is a most interesting and intriguing read. Mixing mystery and romance with Christian faith and beliefs.   It starts out with identical  twin daughters of an older famous rock star, Livy and Deedee, who have opened a dance studio for children. The girls were raised in a New Age culture and know nothing about God or the teachings of the bible. Livy can’t remember the death of her mother, although her twin does. She seems to have blocked this from her mind. This haunts her and she can find no peace from the WHY can’t she remember.  Did something else happen that causes her to draw a blank concerning her mother’s death?  Through the dance studio she meets a christian man, Scott who helps her discover the bible and it’s teachings.  All of this is so foreign to her. Scott is fighting his own…

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Sapphire Secrets Review

I’m pleased to share this very nice review from a fellow blogger. Irresistible teasers ahead, plus a chance to win a copy of Sapphire Secrets….

Rachel Scott McDaniel


Want to read intrigue with a dance? I did, and it was fabulous. Let me tell you all that Sapphire Secrets delivers. First, here’s a brief description.
Livy McCreary has life at her command, enjoying the satisfaction of a blossoming dance studio which she teaches with her twin sister, and savoring a budding romance with hunky Will. Yet, there was a missing piece to her happiness—the mystery behind her mother’s death? Yes, it was twenty years ago. Yes, her family told her there was no foul play, but something in Livy’s gut wouldn’t let it be settled. What about the trauma she experienced and her twin sister didn’t? Weren’t twins supposed to react the same? Did she see something that her mind’s eye wants to remain blinded to? If only she could remember.
Her zeal for truth overtakes her, digging up memories her family wished to remain buried, questioning those…

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