When Lyric met Limerick – A Free Short Story

LyricLimerickCover-small2015 Favorite Cover Medal (1)

Meet the players:

Him: I’m Howard ‘The Declan’ McCreary,
I strum my guitar ’til I’m bleary.
If I write a song,
Will you sing along?
For life without music is dreary.

Her: I’m Luna Raquelle from Seattle,
I dance round the room ‘til I’m rattled.
Please give me a chance
To teach you a dance
Before I decide to skedaddle.

Luna: “Why do you write songs?”

Howard: “Because I have to. Why do you write limericks?”

Luna: “Because I can.”

Re-Release date: 10/7/15. Check out a preview of this fun romance here. Download here.

SEATTLE TRILOGY – PREQUEL: It’s the 1980s. The decade that launched the grunge movement. The era when weird became cool. In 1983, Howard aspires to be the next king of rock, and doesn’t mind bending a few rules to get there. Then he meets “Luna Tunes,” who sells limericks for a living. Sure, she’s cute, but who does that? And why is she with that goon Brian?

Before Howard can even get her number, disaster strikes. Not once, but twice. Now how’s he ever gonna win the girl of his dreams?

Prequel to Sapphire Secrets, When Lyric met Limerick is a light-hearted, fun romance. Available in e-book.

Release date 10/7/15. Get your free copy from Smashwords here.

Lyric record


2 responses

  1. LOVE the new cover! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Nadine! It’s pretty spiffy, isn’t it? I can’t take credit for it.
      Edition 2 is releasing on October 7–still the same story, but with back-cover material and additional edits. Overall, a more professional, polished book! And right now, it’s in pre-order status on Amazon. I don’t know if you’ve seen my page for Sapphire Secrets, but it continues Howard & Luna’s story in full-length book form. That’s where readers will find out if Howard ever became famous…once it gets published.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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