The Signs Of Alcoholism

In keeping with the theme of alcohol addiction, I hope you find the following useful if you suspect a loved one of heading down this road.

Family Recovery

AlcoholismUnfortunately, the signs of alcoholism are not identified until the late stages of the addiction.  This is generally due to the fact that binge drinking has become acceptable in 21st century society.  Yet, while the ‘after work glass of wine’ can be deemed agreeable, it can be a sign of alcoholism if presented with certain other symptoms.  Sadly, the lack of information makes this very difficult to notice and increasingly difficult to manage.  This article is a brief guide to some of the most common signs of alcoholism.

1. A high tolerance level for alcohol

A high tolerance level for alcohol is one of the first signs of alcohol addiction.  It is often undetected by people who choose to drink during celebrations with the user.  However, if a person requires greater amounts of alcohol than before to feel the effects of alcohol then they may be experiencing alcohol addiction.


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