Writers Conference, Day 1

A young woman learns her mother may have been murdered twenty years ago. And she’s the only one who can unlock the secret. If only she could remember…

What if you suspected you’d been lied to about your mother’s death…how far would you go to uncover the truth? 

The above pitch was my biggest takeaway from Day 1 of the 4-day conference. In the Boot Camp class, a best-selling fiction author sat down with me, read my synopsis for Sapphire Secrets, and knew immediately how to pitch it. This is why I spend hundreds of dollars to attend these things.

Second takeaway: The keynote speaker reminded us that we Christian writers don’t write to make money or be famous. We write as worship. And he also reminded us that trying to control outcomes is the opposite of faith. I plead guilty to that one. This is a world that sends the message, you can have whatever you want if you just work hard enough for it.

But that’s not faith. That isn’t resting in God and leaving outcomes in His hands. I so needed the reminder.

For those of you who’ve attended writers conferences: what is a memorable moment for you? Please share!

And check back tomorrow for the results of Day 2.

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