Author Spotlight — Dawn Cahill


I guested at fellow blogger Leeann Betts today. In honor of teamwork, I present you this post.


Because I am totally asea with social media, I totally missed Dawn’s great follow-up post in March. And so, humbled and groveling, I now gift you with the great interview we did about those tough questions writers hate to answer. Dawn is the author of Sapphire Secrets. She does a weekly drawing for a free e-book of new subscribers to her blog:

Dawn, thanks for being so gracious and sticking with me.

Tell us how much of yourself you write into your characters.

The character Luna in both my books has a unique talent that she shares with me: the ability to write catchy limericks. I always thought it would be cool to earn money writing personalized limericks for people. In “When Lyric Met Limerick”, Luna lives out that dream when she sets up a booth at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, asks people a few questions about themselves, and…

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