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WHY, Chris Harper-Mercer…WHY??

WHY did you walk into Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, and shoot all those innocent people? Did you simply want infamy, your five minutes of fame? National attention? Well, you got it. How does it feel over there on the other side?

WHAT demonic obsession made you decide that a shoot-out was the only way to get people to notice you?

People are strangeDidn’t you realize there are many other non-destructive ways to get attention? You could’ve helped out at the local homeless shelter. That would’ve gotten you some kudos. Or you could’ve been a mentor, a big brother, to a needy kid.

Guess what? You’re not a hero. The other Chris — Chris Mintz, the guy who tackled you, will live on in the American psyche as the true hero. He’s going to survive, and he’s going to thrive. But the poor students you killed…c’mon, a nineteen-year-old? Again I ask, WHAT were you thinking?

I want you to know I’m currently writing my second novel in my Hot Topic Fiction series, and it’s about YOU.  More specifically, a family who is victimized by a YOU. I’m blown away by your timing. HOW did you know I was already telling the world about you in my fiction?

But most of all…what’s going through your mind RIGHT NOW?


A Boy Named Michelle

DNASince I published the article “Does Caitlyn Jenner Still Have Male DNA?” the traffic to my site has soared like Donald Trump’s ratings. (See original post here.) From Australia to Zimbabwe, it’s a question that, apparently, the whole world is asking. I can’t help but wonder why. And why have mindsets about transgenderism changed so much over the last 50 years?

Last year, I was at the post office and saw a teenage boy panhandling. When he asked me for money, I offered to buy him food from the Izzy’s across the parking lot. We set off and I asked him his name. “Michelle,” he told me, adding that he’d been born Michael. He told me a little of his story…his unhappy upbringing, his current troubles. My heart went out to him, and I wondered how he came to believe he was a girl. His voice, his boyish manner, his clothing, all said boy. We went into Izzy’s and I bought him an all-he-could-eat lunch buffet and prayed he’d come to terms with his true gender identity. The one his DNA identifies him as.

You may or may not be familiar with Johnny Cash’s song A Boy Named Sue (watch here.) The idea was, name your boy a girly name and he’ll grow up tough if he wants to survive. Nowadays, boys named Sue, or Michelle, or Brittany, are encouraged by popular culture to embrace their inner girl. And vice versa for girls named Mike or Ted. Did any adult in “Michelle’s” life ever sit him down and say, “You know, there’s nothing wrong with being a boy. Embrace who you are!” ? In most other circumstances, that’s what we tell them. We tell them to love their red hair, or their big hands. We help them accept who they are…their race, their culture, their heritage. Why not their gender? Why aren’t we consistent with our messages?

Life, and the world, are confusing enough without adding gender turmoil into the mix.When someone is confused about their real gender, here’s one solution: have a DNA test done and show them the results. “See? This shows you’re a boy.” (Yes, there are exceptions when someone is born with an extra X, or Y, chromosome, but that is a subject for another day.) School counselors and parents could do a lot to ease confusion by encouraging kids to like who they are…boy, or girl. Tall, or short. African, Chinese, Lithuanian. A person may not “feel” like the gender they were born with. But I wonder if Asian immigrants who have lived here for many years eventually begin to feel like European Americans. Yet, biologically and culturally, they aren’t. Nor do we tell them they are.

Kids who are gender-confused need strong role models, consistent messages, and tools to help them sort through their confusion. They don’t need mixed messages, and they don’t need to be encouraged in their delusions.


Emotional Reaction Vs. Due Process

An interesting perspective on the South Carolina tragedy.

Truthification Chronicles

Horrible things assail us in the news at every turn like what happened in a quiet church in Charleston, South Carolina, Wednesday night. Our gut reaction is to be shocked, appalled, and outraged at these inhuman acts.

Emotions can break us out of complacency and motivate us to take positive steps in a fight against evil.  The initial emotions flood over us, pumping adrenaline into our system.

At this point, though, we need to take a lesson from the press.  Did I really say that?  Yes.  Even though there appears to be adequate evidence that Dylann Roof was indeed the shooter, reputable journalists refer to him as the “alleged shooter.”


Because we live in a country that was founded on the idea of due process.  Our founding fathers believed that guilt or innocence should be decided in a court of law after hearing both sides of the story and…

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The waves will wash us away

“It’s interesting that there are only two sexes, male and female, and that those two sexes are required to produce a child. Therefore doesn’t it make sense that the offspring of those two sexes would need both sexes that created it to be a part of raising it? People feel sympathy for children who are raised without fathers either because they had dead beat dads or their father passed away, because it’s obvious those kids are missing out on something important…”

The Lesbian's Daughter

I remember the night Ellen came out on her TV show in front of millions of people. My mom and her girlfriend were big Ellen fans and we watched the show religiously. After the episode went off that night I was left with the sensation of a bomb having just exploded before my eyes and waiting for the fallout. Strangely, it never came. At least, not that I was aware of.

For me it seemed as though that was the beginning of this tidal wave that is currently descending upon society at the present moment. The onslaught of pushing homosexuality and alternative lifestyles into every nook and cranny is suffocating. I think that should speak volumes coming from a child raised by lesbians. From gay pride flags at military celebrations to smut mags at the grocery stores, homosexuality is being thrown up all over the place. While I agree that…

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My A’s to your Q’s- and other juicy tidbits.

The issue of gay marriage carries so much passion with it, someone was bound to write a novel about it. So I did! See My Books/Paint the Storm.


Hidy Ho new recruits!

I am so honored to see so many new handles here at asktheBigot! I suspect many of you found your way here via the article I was privileged to pen for Public Discourse.  Honestly, I was so overwhelmed and humbled by the response to that piece. And I am amazed that a post stating a child has a right to be known and loved by both her mother and father would gain such attention. It’s fundamental, and even obvious. And something which anyone, in fact everyone, should recognize and become an advocate for. And yet the idea that a child should not be casually separated from his natural parent(s) just because another adult wants in on parenthood, is a radical concept in some circles.  Whether you are here because that article enraged you or because it was the fresh air you have been holding your breath for…

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