Emerald Secrets – Seattle Trilogy Book III

ES cover photo

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Twins Livy and DeeDee McCreary share everything—deep secrets, faith in the Lord, and DNA. Both are married to the husbands of their dreams, and are sharing the adventure of pregnancy together. But their joy is shattered after a routine checkup reveals something amiss. Will the babies be healthy and normal, or will their dreams be dashed?

Troubles multiply when their father, the once-famous Declan Decker, receives threats from an unknown blackmailer who appears bent on tormenting him. Who is Decker’s enemy, and what secret from Decker’s youth connects him to his nemesis?

Found half-dead in a city park, Decker is unable to speak or explain how he got there. Scared, Livy and DeeDee delve into their father’s past and continue to seek answers to their unborn babies’ mysterious lack of growth. But what if the answers threaten all they hold dear?

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