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Writers Conference, Day 3

It’s 1983. Howard aspires to be the next Bruce Springsteen, and doesn’t mind bending a few rules to get there. Then he meets “Luna Tunes,” who sells limericks for a living. Sure, she’s cute, but who does that? And why is she with that goon Brian?

Before Howard can even get her number, he gets arrested for shoplifting a Jimi Hendrix tee. But he doesn’t know a jealous boyfriend awaits his release…

“When Lyric Met Limerick” is a light-hearted, fun romance that will make you smile.


The blurb above was my most valuable take-away from today’s conference. Second takeaway: I heard a heart-warming testimony from a fellow author who discovered a few years ago that God was all about grace, not rule-keeping. It’s sad how many of the unchurched think of Christianity as a bunch of rules that help us be better people. No, it’s God’s grace that makes us righteous in his sight.

If you are learning this for the first time, and you want to know more about how Christianity is not about rules, please email me at dawn@dawnvcahill.com. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.