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Top Five of Two-oh-one-five


My first annual countdown starts in







Here are my top 5 posts of 2015 ~ Most read and commented:

  1. Does Caitlyn Jenner have male DNA? If Caitlyn Jenner’s DNA still contains the XY chromosome, is s/he still a man?
  2. How many narcissists does it take to change a lightbulb? Only one, but he has to wait for the whole world to revolve around him.
  3. Name that band! OK, we have a winner! Connor, a college student, came up with the winning entry…
  4. A Boy Named Michelle.  Since I published the article “Does Caitlyn Jenner Still Have Male DNA?” the traffic to my site has soared like Donald Trump’s ratings.
  5. Where did THAT come from?  Time to stop being so serious :\ In the interest of lightening up my website, here’s my funny re-post of the week.

Which was YOUR favorite? Let me know in the comments. And have a warm, happy, joyous New Year, dear readers.




Did Courtney kill Kurt?

This is a fascinating article on Kurt and Courtney. True confession time: My character Howard, aka Declan Decker (When Lyric Met Limerick), was loosely based on Kurt Cobain. However, Luna, his lady love, was definitely no Courtney Love.

Lucky Otters Haven


The two-decade long question of whether or not Kurt Cobain really committed suicide came up between myself and my friend today. It’s been bandied about for years, but it seems no one has ever bothered to take it seriously or re-open the case to further investigate Cobain’s death.

Even though Kurt may have been prone to depressions and shied away from the stardom he achieved as both an early pioneer of the Grunge movement and The Poster Child of Generation X, I never believed he really killed himself. Why would he? He had everything–talent, success as the frontman of Nirvana, a bestselling record, a baby daughter, and a…ahem…new wife who everyone believed was in love with him.

It’s his wife, Courtney Love, we need to take a closer look at here. Most people just take it on faith that Kurt killed himself because his music was dark and depressing and…

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