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Today’s your last chance to grab my ebook…free!

Today’s the last day When Lyric Met Limerick is absolutely free on Amazon. Go back in time to where it all started…a cloudy May day at Seattle’s Pikes Place Market, when Howard saw Luna for the first time…



“Name That Band” Contest!

rock band

Dear friends – Declan Decker needs your help. He stars in the ebook When Lyric Met Limerick and his grunge rock band really needs a name. So get out your creative caps and help him come up with a catchy new handle. To help you out, he’s listed a few names of well-known grunge bands of the 90s:

  1. Nirvana
  2. Pearl Jam
  3. Alice In Chains
  4. Jane’s Addiction

Other ideas: Seattle landmarks, geographic names, food, hobbies. Add your ideas to the comments below, or email me if you’d prefer. Whoever comes up with the name Declan likes best will win a free ebook, plus a copy of Sapphire Secrets once it’s published.

The winner will be announced next weekend.

Ready? GO!