Introducing the fabulous Luna Raquelle

Interview with Luna Rickles of When Lyric Met Limerick

By Dawn V. Cahill

Today I’m interviewing the talented Luna Raquelle, dancer and poet extraordinaire – Howard’s love interest in When Lyric Met Limerick. She’s visiting us from the pages of my novelette, released just this month.

Luna, her blond hair wound in a loose knot on her head, sits on my living room sofa and takes a sip of freshly-steeped Chai tea.

tea pot

DVC: Hi Luna. I’m so glad you could visit with me and my readers today.

Luna: {sits back, flinging one thin leg over the other. The steam from the tea forms a gauzy veil around her face.} Thanks. I’m happy to be here. This tea is delicious.

DVC: I love your purple leotard and colorful peasant skirt.  Is purple your favorite color?

Luna: No, pink is.

DVC: Then you must love my book’s cover.


Not only is it pink, it shows a couple holding hands, which begs the question: Are you Lyric, or Limerick?

Luna: {chuckles} I’m Limerick. Howard is Lyric.

DVC: Tell us more about your love for limericks.

Luna: When I was a child, my mom read me rhymes at bedtime. I grew up on Dr Seuss, Shel Silverstein, and Ogden Nash. Eventually I started to wonder if I could write a funny rhyme, too. My first few attempts were pathetic. The cadence was all wrong, and they didn’t exactly rhyme.

DVC: But now you’re a pro.

Luna: Well, it took a lot of practice. Once I learned the importance of cadence, I was off and running.

DVC: You’re also an accomplished dancer. If you were forced to do only one of them rest of your life – limericks or dance – which would you choose? And why?

Luna: {squints into the distance, then meets my gaze} Limericks. Because even though my body will age, my mind doesn’t have to.

DVC: Now about Howard…

Luna: {ducks her head and giggles}

DVC: What was your very first impression of him when he approached your table that fateful day at Pike’s Place Market?
Luna: I didn’t see him at first. Then I looked up to see this cute guy checking me out. I knew he wasn’t there for a personalized limerick, but he tried oh-so-hard to pretend he was!

DVC: Howard’s the daredevil type, a risk taker. What drew you to him?
Luna: {wrinkles her brow in thought} I’d say it’s his charming tendency to make me laugh at the oddest times. Without even trying. And the fact that we think alike. He makes up lyrics in his head, I make up limericks.

DVC: Unfortunately for Howard, you already had a boyfriend at the time. Were you happy in that relationship?

Luna: I hadn’t been for a long time, but I was afraid to break up with him because he had a temper. Howard was a breath of fresh air.

DVC: But he was also a thief and a liar.

Luna: {shrugs} I’m no angel either. But he promised me he’d never do anything to land himself in jail again. And I believe him.

DVC: What was the moment you knew he was the one?

Luna: That’s easy. The first time he called me Luna Tunes, I knew he was the one.

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