Homosexuality: A Look at Slavery

I’ve heard people claim the Bible endorses slavery. I hope this article will put that claim to rest, finally.


Often when Christians are discussing a sensitive Scriptural topic, which has become a national or even global issue, we must work our way through arguments made from popular opinion and not real critical thought. The David and Jonathan argument was this type of discussion and there are a few more general assumptions that I wish to consider in this article.

In this article, we will look at the argument that if the Bible is wrong about one thing it can be wrong about homosexuality.

The argument states that the Bible supports slavery and the people of God practiced slavery. Today society as a whole has rejected the practice of slavery. The result is that since the Bible was wrong on slavery, it could also be wrong about homosexuality. This argument seems to be fairly straightforward but it is based on a lack of understanding.

A proper understanding of Biblical slavery…

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