A new Christmas Romance to stuff your stocking with…

Dear Readers,

I know some of you out there love Christian romance novels, or know someone who does. Who doesn’t like a good love story? My author pal Marian Merritt is visiting today to tell us all about her new release,


Christmas Bells

Welcome, Marian. Can you tell us about your book?

When Charleston Charly Maynard loses her job just weeks after her fiancé calls off the wedding, she decides to visit the cottage in the quaint village of Cavazzale, Italy she’s inherited from her grandmother. She’s hoping the time there will help her to decide what to do about her future. When she meets André Lagneaux, a handsome man from Bayou Country, who is visiting his brother in Cavazzale, Charly ignores the attraction. After all, she’s not looking for romance.

When André Lagneaux’s parents set up a family trip to Italy, André is eager to spend Christmas with his brother and godchild. Meeting the beautiful American woman at the airport adds to his excitement. He’d love to get to know her, but her cool demeanor tells him she’s not interested. Will she let down her guard and allow them to get to know one another? When Charly finds a prayer in her nonna’s diary that makes her realize God may have His own plan for her future, she must learn to trust. But, what if His plan includes the dark-haired Cajun?



Marian is visiting all the way from Texas!


Marian Pellegrin Merritt writes stories that blend her love of the mountains with her deep Southern roots. Her tagline, Where the Bayous Meets the Mountains, grew from both loves.

She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Women’s Fiction Writers Association.

This Louisiana native writes her Christmas romances and Southern women’s fiction with a Louisiana/Colorado connection from the Texas home she shares with her husband and a very spoiled Labradoodle.

Connect with her through Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter

Marian P. Merritt’s Readers Group

Buy links to Marian’s Books: http://www.marianmerritt.com/#!/cnec

Tweets & FB Posts

Colorado girl, Louisiana guy—Love in Cavazzale Italy. http://www.marianmerritt.com/#!the-christmas-bells-of-cavazzale/c1j7i  #CR4U

Where the Bayous Meet the Mountains – In Italy http://www.marianmerritt.com/#!the-christmas-bells-of-cavazzale/c1j7i #CR4U #christianfic

@marianpmerritt Colorado/Louisiana in Italy! http://www.marianmerritt.com/#!the-christmas-bells-of-cavazzale/c1j7i  #CR4U


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