How many drinks can I get away with?

beer-250289_960_720Have you ever asked yourself this question? I certainly did, during those dark years when I crawled inside a wine bottle and couldn’t get out. Today, years later, I realize that is the wrong question to ask. 

This article lists twelve questions to ask yourself if you ever have a sneaking hunch you might be drinking too much…or if friends and family claim that you are…or your drinking is interfering with your job, relationships, or family life.|1

Thirty years ago, if I’d been honest, I would have answered the same questions as follows:

  1. Do you often feel guilty about your drinking?  Yes

  2. Do you feel the need to lie to others about your drinking? Yes…I wouldn’t tell my husband I’d gone to the store at midnight to get more beer

  3. Have one or more of your loved ones expressed concern about your drinking habits? No, because I didn’t drink around anyone who didn’t also drink.

  4. Do you frequently drink more than you plan on drinking? Almost every time

  5. Do you black out when drinking? Occasionally. 

  6. Do you feel that you need to drink to relax or feel better? Almost every time

  7. Do you find that you wake up from a night of drinking with severe anxiety, shaking or sweating that only a drink or medication can fix? Yes, those hangovers were a little taste of hell on earth. My coping mechanism was to pretend I wasn’t miserable.

  8. Do you feel uncomfortable in environments where alcohol is unavailable? Sometimes, if I was craving a drink

  9. Have you ever tried to control your drinking? I sure did…tried AA off and on, but it didn’t work.

  10. Have you had problems at home, school or work as a result of drinking? Yes, I’d call in sick when I had hangovers.

  11. Have you ever thought that your life would be better if you didn’t drink? No, I thought life would be better if I could drink socially and not get drunk.

  12. Do you ever find yourself jealous of people who can drink without consequences? Yes, I didn’t understand how they could nurse one or two drinks all night.



5 responses

  1. Actually, these questions are part of what led me to think I was an alcoholic. I have some misgivings about the AA program. I look at it like I do abstinence programs for kids in high school – “it works, if you work it, right? I’m not sure it’s a good blanket way to go about it, but I know that the only time I have gone an extended period of time without drinking was when I was working the AA program. My biggest problem is that I get hung-up on the idea of a “god”.


    1. I know AA has worked for many people, but it did nothing to ease my cravings to drink. In meetings, drinking was all they talked about, so after the meetings I’d stop by the store for a bottle of wine 😦 It took rehab finally to break its grip on me. So thankful it worked!
      Are you currently sober?

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      1. Eh…define sober. I can tell you, I am dying to drink right now, but I have not had anything for almost 2 weeks.


      2. Oh no…I do hope you have someone in your life who can talk you through this. That is one nice thing about AA…you can call someone in the middle of the night if you’re struggling. I will pray for you!
        (I’ll be away from my computer most of today, but if you feel the need to chat more, I can access my email on my phone…
        Wishing you a gloriously sober day,

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