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Highlights ‘n’ lowlights in 2015



To say “2015 was a year of ups and downs” may invite an eye roll or two. After all, who ever had a year that cruised bump-free along a Texas straightaway (as Scott from Sapphire Secrets might say) ?

Go ahead and roll those eyes, ‘cuz I’m gonna say it: 2015 was a year of highs and lows for this author.

To wit:

  1. In March, I entered my story Paint the Storm into ACFW’s Genesis contest. I’ll never forget the astonishing phone call I got two months later telling me it made the semifinals in the Short Novel category. It was a completely unexpected blessing. (The teeter-totter makes its first liftoff!)
  2. In June, I waited with nail-biting impatience for the finalists to be named. Alas, my name wasn’t there. (Teeter-totter bites the dust with a bone-crunching thud.)
  3. In August, I attended a life-changing four-day summer conference. You can read all about it here, here, and here. On top of all that, an agent expressed interest in Sapphire Secrets. (Seesaw launches.)
  4. But then, the agent decided the manuscript wasn’t a good fit for her market, but at least she didn’t slam the door in my face. (Seesaw sags toward the ground.)
  5. In October, two wonderful things happened: I republished When Lyric Met Limerick with a new cover and edited content, and for the first time, truly felt like a published author. Shortly thereafter, my entry into the ACFW First Impressions contest (Sapphire Secrets) made finalist in its category! (Seesaw soars toward the sky.)
  6. But alack and alas, Sapphire Secrets didn’t win First Impressions. What’s that I hear? A seesaw slamming into concrete?


But now the seesaw is going back up. Real soon now, you’ll get to see the new cover for the much-hyped Sapphire Secrets, and even read it for yourself. At last.

And how was YOUR year? What good things are you expecting in this new year?




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